About Us

The Lower East Side is central to the history of modern American Jewry and the Chasam Sopher Synagogue is central to the history of the Lower East Side. Built in 1853, Chasam Sopher is one of the only buildings in Manhattan to have been constructed as a synagogue. Chasam Sopher is among the oldest locations in America to have continous daily services, an unbroken record since its founding until the Pandemic of 2020.

Originally founded by a German-Jewish congregation, the congregants merged with two Polish congregations in 1892. For a hundred years, Chasam Sopher hosted two congregations, an Ashkenaz minyan and a Hasidic (nusach Sephard) minday. Following the decline of the Lower East Side in the 1990's, Chasam Sopher was no longer able to support two daily minyanim. Upon the advice of HaGaon, Reb Dovid Feinstein, Shlita, in the spirit of peace, Chasam Sopher continued to host both minyanim, but only one at a time; weekdays are nusach Ashkenaz, Shabbat and holidays are nusach Sephard.

Named after Rabbi Moshe Schreiber, the “Chasam Sopher,” the synagogue was restored to its original grandeur through the extraordinary generorsity of his descendants, Hank Sopher and family.

Under the leadership or Rabbi Azriel Siff and President Eugene Weiser, Chasam Sopher continues to thrive. We host daily services, communal simchas, and world renown cantors.

All are welcome. No tickets, no appeals, and no reservations.

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